Jessica is a full time fitness trainer, health enthusiast and Cycle Hub owner. She is also an avid endurance athlete, Ironman competitor, marathon runner, group fitness instructor, running coach, personal trainer and fitness entrepreneur. She loves to motivate and help her client’s achieve their goals in their fitness journey. She looks forward to helping others reach their full fitness potential and have her participants feel strong, confident and inspired. 

Jess instructs the following:
  • Friday Quickie
  • A quick 30 min energy filled cycle

  • CycleFusion
  • 30 minutes spin followed by 30 minutes of Weights in the FitFusion room

  • CyclePump
  • This class is pumpin' intensity for 30 minutes on the bike and then finish with an intense 15 mins. upper body and lower body weight workout using bands or hand weights. 

  • Rise and Ride

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