Three Reasons you should try a Spinning Class Today

Indoor cycling is an interesting form of fitness. If you're used to riding outside, the concept of being on a stationary bike may seem limiting to you. If your only two-wheeled experience is on the back of a Hubway, get ready to have a completely different exercise adventure.

Indoor cycling, or spinning as it is sometimes called, is a fantastic cardiovascular workout. The instructor will likely lead you through a variation of hill climbs and sprints all while listening to upbeat music to keep your energy levels high. So regardless if you ever graduated from training wheels, it's time to get you back in the saddle —literally.

And with so many cycling studio options in Boston, you shouldn't have any trouble finding a facility that fits your schedule and is also convenient for your commute. So clip in or get your feet in those cages, it's time to start cycling.

1. Burn serious calories
While this may not be the reason everyone cycles, you can't beat torching 600-900 calories (or more!) in a single session. And if you're on the weight loss track, this kind of caloric expenditure is certainly something worth getting sweaty for.

As with any fitness program, make sure to compliment cycling with strength training and ample stretching. Your body (and waistline) will thank you!

2. Low impact
Have knee issues and can no longer run? Cycling is great way to get your heart rate up without the continuous pounding that jogging involves. However, before taking your first cycle class make sure you are set up appropriately. Ask your instructor for guidance on how to properly adjust your bike settings.

Whether your seat is too low or too far forward it can effect your ride. Even the smallest seat corrections make a huge difference in how your body feels post workout.

3. Motivating
Between the upbeat tracks and positive instructor leading the class, heading to spin could be just the motivation you need to get back on the healthy living path. And if you're finding yourself habitually skipping workouts for after work cocktails, we've found your answer.

Many indoor cycling studios have you sign up for classes in advance. Whether you get charged or deducted a previously purchased class, the facility has a way of holding you accountable. Because let's be honest, we're all human and beers on a warm summer night is enticing. But if you've already committed to a class, you're less likely to blow it off. Plain and simple.

Caroline Earle05/29/14 @4:32pm in Health & Fitness


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