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Duane's class can be viewed as an endurance event. The premise is that we want to bring the outdoor riding experience indoors. On the flats we want to visualize being on a sleek road bike pushing pass the speed limits. In the hills, we want to visualize being on that mountain bike, the terrain is mixed, sometimes we roll through mud, high grass, narrow paths, strong head winds, steep inclines - we go from valley and move through hills and mountains by grinding it out through heavy resistance. I am the instructor but in essence, I'm just the guy in charge of logistics. I'm reading the map and injecting confidence and motivation to the group. The class is high energy and is made for the beginner as well as the highly advanced, hard core endurance athlete. The beginners are instructed to enjoy the experience, to do what they can, and to come back and build on their experience and to get better each and every time. The advanced rider will get his or her endurance high and will enjoy pushing themselves beyond limits!

Julie Dudley has been a personal trainer and wellness coach for over ten years in the San Antonio area. Her passion for living healthy and exercising led her to a career in fitness. Julie’s preference for high intensity interval training coupled with her mad dj skills, inspired her newfound love of indoor cycling. You can always expect energy and enthusiasm in her cycling class with fun choreography and great tunes. Julie is all about inspiring people to discover their inner-athlete and tries to cater to every fitness level.
A native from Peru, Lourdes arrived in VA at the age of 12. She has had a lifelong obsession with fitness that started when she watched the movie “Perfect” with Jamie Lee Curtis. At the age of 14 she asked for a gym membership for her birthday. It was then that she has made working out a life style and not a quick fix. She immediately fell in love with Cycle Hub when Cycle Hub opened in San Antonio. Her hope is to get everyone to take the classes that motivate them, change it up often and be open to trying new things.

“Don’t forget your FORM” …she swears that proper form will change you and keep you injury free.

Lourdes is happily married and has three children.

(Showing 1 - 3 of 14)

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