Use this page to elaborate on the features of the Schwinn A.C. Perfomance Bikes and the PIQ system.

Schwinn® A.C. Performance with Carbon Blue Bikes

The flagship of the Schwinn IC line-up, the Schwinn A.C. Performance with Carbon Blue features Virtual Contact Resistance Technology - this innovative system utilizes magnets and an aluminum disk to generate resistance.

The Schwinn A.C. Performance also includes aluminum frame construction, handlebars with dual over-sized water bottle holders and 3 position fore-aft adjustment, Smart Release, and SPD toe-clip pedals included standard.


We've wired our Schwinn cycles to collect and display data like rotations per minute on an on-bike monitor.

Cyclers can opt to display their stats on huge display boards lighting up the dark room, showing how they measure up to fellow riders.

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