Making a reservation for your ride requires you to first sign up, and then to purchase a ride package. If you are already registered, simply click on the login to purchase more classes or make reservations.
Class sizes fill up quickly and so it is recommended that you reserve a week in advance.
We accept American Express, Mastercard, Visa, and cash.



You must cancel your class by 6pm the previous evening to avoid a cancellation fee and to allow another rider to fill your vacancy. Should you fail to notify us within the proper time frame and we cannot fill the spot, you shall be charge a cancellation fee of one class, or $20.00. To unreserve a class, log into your account and press unreserved, or call the studio and speak to one of our friendly staff.



If a class is full have no fear, the waitlist is here! We take riders on a first come basis. You are required to purchase your class BEFORE you can be placed on the waitlist. If you do not receive a ride, your series will be returned to your account to be used at a future date. Up until the day of the class we will automatically add you to the classes you are waitlisted for. You will also receive an email and a phone call confirmation stating you have received a bike. If a bike opens up on the day of the class, we will call waitlisted riders, but will not assign them the bike unless we speak to them directly.

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